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Achieve a whole new level of partnering with the managers in your organization. Create targeted conversations in which managers enhance their leadership capabilities, move themselves to action and get better results more quickly. The targeted conversation is coaching; the outcome is greater self-reliance in handling employee issues.
Coaching Skills for HR Professionals is a two-day program of self-development and discovery to:
  • Learn when to coach, when to consult and when to tell

  • Experience what it feels like to coach from a ‘breakthrough’ perspective

  • Get feedback on the impact of your coaching
Coaching and the HR Professional  

Perrone-Ambrose Coaching HR Pros

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Where and how coaching fits into the role of the HR Professional
A Coaching Model
A simple framework to keep you focused while you coach
Essential Coaching Skills
Layered listening, powerful questions, supportive dialogue
The Seven Coaching Masteries
The hallmarks of true coaching
Practical Coaching
Numerous opportunities to coach using real-life work situations
The Coaching Goal
Creating a goal around a selected coaching proficiency
Holding the Gain
Personal plan for integrating coaching into your HR position

  Setting Up A Mentoring Program
A 1-day Program
* $700

Nov 14, 2016 Chicago (Deerfield)


Setting Up A Mentoring Program Webinar
Call to Schedule

Oct 18 + 24, 10AM CT
Dec 12 + 19, 10AM CT


Mentors 2100
Licensing Program
* $2600

Dec 7-9, 2016 Chicago (Deerfield)
Feb 7-9, 2017 Chicago (Deerfield)

  Leadership Skills
in Mentoring & Coaching
A 1-day Workshop
* $550

Dec 15, 2016 Chicago (Deerfield)

  All PAA Workshops can be customized and offered on YOUR site for your people.  

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