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Common Sense Mentoring

Insights and Answers for Mentors and Mentees:

    Common Sense Mentoring is a different kind of mentoring book. It is a treasure chest of solid-gold insights, hints and solutions mined over 20 years of guiding mentors and mentees through one of life’s most rewarding experiences.

Common Sense Mentoring talks sense to both mentors and mentees about the “little” questions, those bugaboos and puzzlers they will likely experience, which are often more important than the grand mentoring principles.

Common Sense Mentoring gives you the real feel of mentoring through stories, tidbits, admonitions, and advice – collected from real mentors and mentees.

Common Sense Mentoring rounds out our Mentoring Series. A Mentor’s Companion and The Mentoring Field Guide help mentors get started. The Mentee’s Navigator is a guide for becoming an effective mentee.

The Mentee's Navigator


For Mentors – Some Chapter Subtitles:
Hold a Mirror to your Mentee;
Sunday Afternoon;
A “not-mentor”?

About the only way to screw up at mentoring is: Don’t meet often, and when you do, don’t listen. Also, don’t keep your promises. That’ll do it.

For Mentees – Some Chapter Subtitles:
You’re at the helm;
When the honeymoon’s over;
Try Something difficult

If you don’t have a mentor you’ll miss: Hearing a different point of view; Thinking out loud and testing your ideas with a partner; Being challenged in ways you might not challenge yourself.


“A fun read, and really useful. People want books like this – that get to the point and address what they’ve been wondering about.”

“I loved it. It was a treat to read. I loved the stories, the wisdom, the humor, the simplicity and the authority . . !”


Unit Prices
1-19 Books $18.00
20-99 Books $17.00
100 & over Books $16.00
*Shipping & minimal handling charges extra

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