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A Mentor's Companion
A Mentor's Companion

For many people who enjoyed a mentoring experience, A Mentor's Companion was a breakthrough book.

After 12 years and thousands of copies spreading the skill of mentoring, Larry Ambrose decided it was time to revise A Mentor's Companion. While continuing to present the skills needed for a successful mentoring partnership, the revised A Mentor's Companion has added expanded recommendations about successful mentoring based upon his continued work with all types of organizations.

The revised Companion continues to be a journey through the texture of the mentoring interaction. You will see ways to:

  • Strengthen people's ability to handle productivity issues
  • Stretch their capacities to learn and grow
  • Cultivate future leadership
  • Expand the organization's talent pool

Through a unique combination of live dialogues and behavioral menus, the reader becomes the mentor, asking and answering what his or her next move might be.

You will read about high-tech VP Ruth Merlin as she mentors Manager Art Regent through a variety of challenging situations.  You'll sit at the meeting table and walk the production floor with them as Ruth helps Art grow on the job.

What Readers are saying:

"Individuals have the opportunity to learn about mentoring from Perrone-Ambrose  Associates Inc., through A Mentor's Companion.  This book is a must for all those concerned with creating a dignified and inclusive work environment."

    Bea Young, Founder and Managing Director
    The Kaleidoscope Group, LLC

"A Mentor's Companion offers a solution to two of the greatest challenges  faced by organizations today - the cultivating of future leaders and the on-going, rapid development of the workforce."
    Garry McDaniel, Manager
    Corporate Learning and Development, and Succession Planning
    Advanced  Micro Devices

"The Companion is a valuable, user-friendly tool.  I was sold on the book  after the introduction, foreword and Chapters 1 and 2, and immediately ordered a  copy for all the senior managers in our business unit."
    Paula Mitchell, Director
    Structured Cabling Training and  Development
    Anixter Corporation

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20-99 Books $17.00
100 & over Books $16.00

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