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  Setting Up A Mentoring Program
1-day (9-3PM)
with lunch
* $750

Mar 27, 2017
Apr 3, 2017
Chicago (Deerfield)


Setting Up A Mentoring Program Webinar
2 90 Minute Sessions
$350 (Workbook $65)

Feb 13 + 20, 10AM CST
Mar 13 + 20, 10AM CST


Mentors 2100
Licensing Program
* $2600
$195 for Materials

Mar 28-30, 2017 Chicago (Deerfield)
Apr 4-6, 2017 Chicago (Deerfield)

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The Mentoring Field Guide
The Mentoring Field Guide

Based on the popular A Mentor's Companion by Larry Ambrose, a managing partner of Perrone-Ambrose Associates, Inc.  The Mentoring Field Guide takes the term "user-friendly" to a new level.

Have you ever made a mental note to remember something you have read or heard and couldn't quite tap into it when you needed to?  The ink on mental notes fades quickly.

Have you hated to have to return and search through a book you've read to find the point you're struggling with?

The Mentoring Field Guide collects the action checklists from The Companion and puts them in an easy-to-find-and-use format.  You will have ample space to: 
     Pre-plan your mentoring by highlighting the questions you want to explore and the advice you want to impart.
     Post-review your session by noting specific questions you discussed.

  • Simplify preparation for mentoring  meetings with mentees.
  • Improve your mentoring skills by using best practices more consistently
  • Increase your confidence as a mentor.
  • Get results from your efforts to help others grow and learn.

Unit Prices
1-19 Books $18.00
20-99 Books $17.00
100 & over Books $16.00

*Shipping & minimal handling charges extra

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