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  Setting Up A Mentoring Program
A 1-day Program
* $700

Nov 14, 2016 Chicago (Deerfield)


Setting Up A Mentoring Program Webinar
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Oct 18 + 24, 10AM CT
Dec 12 + 19, 10AM CT


Mentors 2100
Licensing Program
* $2600

Dec 7-9, 2016 Chicago (Deerfield)
Feb 7-9, 2017 Chicago (Deerfield)

  Leadership Skills
in Mentoring & Coaching
A 1-day Workshop
* $550

Dec 15, 2016 Chicago (Deerfield)

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Mentee's Journal

MENTEES now have a practical tool to track their mentoring experience and record their insights and learnings.

Mentee's Journal

The MENTEE’S JOURNAL allows mentees to set the agenda for the mentoring sessions and record the meetings’ outcomes.

The MENTEE’S JOURNAL provides a way for mentees to test and evaluate progress on their identified action steps.
The MENTEE’S JOURNAL of 82 pages begins with a first section to record agreements decided upon in the initial expectation setting session between the mentee and his or her mentor.
This link-up section is followed in the JOURNAL with BEFORE pages and AFTER pages to record notes for 24 Mentoring sessions. Lined paragraphs offer specific places to enter notes on:

    Pre-meeting plans
    Progress on commitments
    Meeting outcomes
    Next commitments
Each page has a place to date the mentoring session.

The back section offers lined pages to write other general notes and insights.

Unit Prices
1-99 Journals $10.00
100 & over Journals $9.00
ISBN NUMBER - 09777540-5-7

*Shipping & minimal handling charges extra

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