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  • Setting Up a Formal Mentoring Program

    The web-aided teleclass that gets your
    mentoring system kick-started.
Webinar - Setting Up A Mentoring System

For more than 20 years, Perrone-Ambrose Associates has assisted organizations of all sizes and specialties to create their mentoring systems.  The highly praised workshop, Setting Up a Mentoring System, is now available through a comprehensive and convenient webinar.

Two 90 minute webinar sessions will prepare you to set up your organization’s self-tailored mentoring system. Built on the 12 elements of successful workplace mentoring, the webinar will enable you and your organization to:
  • Clarify your program’s Strategic Intent
  • Set implementation and impact Goals
  • Select and Match mentors and mentees strategically
  • Reinforce support for mentoring in your organization
  • Put your plan into action immediately
The comprehensive manual contains such turn-key materials as Mentor/Mentee application forms, mentoring program invitation letters, and a detailed Mentor/Mentee matching format.  Participants will have the opportunity to raise specific questions relative to their own organization’s concerns. One leaves the series ready to put his or her plans into action.

The Layout for each session will be:
  • A presentation on the topic items
  • An opportunity for participants to apply the information to their organizational situation
  • A wrap-up question and answer discussion
  • An assignment for the next session
Questions may be emailed to the moderator for discussion during the session.

The sessions will run from 2:00pm to 3:30pm Central Time. Tuition is $350.00 for the first registrant from an organization. Tuition for subsequent registrants from the same organization is $150.00. The workbook charge is $65.00 per participant plus shipping.

* Please check the calendar box for upcoming dates.
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Setting Up A Mentoring Program
1-day (9-3PM)
with lunch
* $750

Aug 22, 2017
Chicago (Deerfield)

Sept 12, 2017 Chicago (Deerfield)

Setting Up A Mentoring Program Webinar
2 90 Minute Sessions
$350 (Workbook $65)

Aug 21 + 28, 10AM CST
Oct 3 + 10, 10AM CST

Intro to Project-Based Mentoring 
One 60-minute webinar session
* $95

Aug 8, 2017, 2pm CST
Aug 15, 2017, 10am CST

Mentors 2100
Licensing Program
* $2600
$195 for Materials

Aug 23-25, 2017 Chicago (Deerfield)

Sept 13-15, 2017 Chicago (Deerfield)

All programs can be customized and offered on your site.

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